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We run your office so you can run your business.

Marketing On TikTok

5 Key Points For Marketing On The Hottest Video Platform

In 2022, TikTok is primed to become an even more significant player in the video marketing space. In addition to being a great video app for entertainment, it can be an efficient marketing tool! It is already projected to become the most popular social media app of 2022.

With these shifts come some suggestions for the upcoming year so read up on how you can take advantage!

1. Leverage all the perks that come with paid ads

Actual ads are fairly new on the platform, but have taken off fast! As such, they have created TikTok For Business, which allows a brand to run in-feed ads or even create branded hashtags and video effects.

TikTok provides a framework that allows you to create short share-able videos that blend seamlessly with a user’s feed. While all advertising should be clearly labeled as such, this doesn’t mean that a video needs to look “corporate” or “like an ad.” Don’t overproduce your videos as it is often a glaring red flag for users to skip it as an ad and it is more likely to be skipped.

2. Make other content

Sure, you’re on TikTok to advertise your brand, but most overlook the easiest way to advertise to a wider reach: make other content! On the surface, it may appear that showing off an office pet wearing a funny hat or your sales department doing a silly viral dance challenge seems counterproductive, but giving viewers more than just an in-your-face ad about your product means they are more likely to interact with and share the video. And is anything that drives positive traffic to your account really counterproductive?

3. Follow trends, but don’t follow trends for no reason

TikTok allows users to create a video using a popular audio file, and some of the reason that these videos get so much traction is that people are interested in seeing a fresh take on it. But as with all advertising, cashing in on trends as a marketing tool can be tricky. It is best to have someone that fully understands the platform who can determine if it is a good idea or not. Not to mention how fast TikTok trends can fade, meaning keeping up on them can be time consuming.

Still, you should always know why something is trending so you don’t associate your brand with something negative.

4. Engage users

One of the great things about TikTok is that it’s easy to get higher engagement on your videos with much less effort. The videos themselves are shorter than YouTube and are meant to be fast and entertaining. It is the “Get in and Get out” of video services. Another aspect that makes them engaging is the ability to duet or stitch a video. Be sure to enable these on your videos when you upload them. Who knows, your audio may end up being the next viral sound!

5. Like all social media, social media marketing impacts brand loyalty

The basics of marketing have remained constant even if the platforms have changed. Loyal customers serve as a competitive advantage and you can measure this by the relationship that the company has with consumers. With a strong customer loyalty base, a company can withstand market fluctuations and more. Remember that when you are reaching out on TikTok, as with any platform, you aren’t reaching your customer base. You are reaching a wide potential customer base that you want to bring into the fold. Try offering sneak peeks of upcoming product releases or go Live with a Q&A to bring more users into the fold. You may be surprised with how popular your channel can become!