We run your office so you can run your business.

We run your office so you can run your business.

Business Development Services

Looking to start your own business? Let us help! Here are some of our services:

Business Consultation

We’ve been through the process of start-ups and we know how to work the ropes to get you up and running, and we know how to empower and coach you to stay there.


A brand is more than just a logo, a product, a service or colors. Branding means coming up with your voice for the company as well as what standards you want to set for your company.

Grant Writing

Looking to secure funding through a grant? We’ve been there and we can help your application stand out from the crowd!

LLC Formation

Looking to start your business and need help with the paperwork? We can do that! Not sure if you need an LLC, S Corp or DBA? We can tell you the best option and why, and we can also fill out all the incorporation forms. Same-day company formation available.

Mediation Services

You may find yourself in a dispute with employees, customers, vendors, neighbors or sometimes even your own business partner. We have a licensed MSW with a focus in business issues such as mediation, and if you end up going to court, we can refer you to the best lawyer for your specific case!

Therapy Sessions

We offer a service that you won’t find at any other administration service and that is stress therapy sessions with a licensed MSW therapist that specializes in employment stress. We have keyed into the stressors that the pandemic has caused in business owners and can help you push through. All sessions done virtually by text, phone or video, whatever format works best for you!