We run your office so you can run your business.

We run your office so you can run your business.


Virtual Business Associates came about when the founders, Angela and Misty, found multiple businesses of various sizes and industries were in need of office staff. With their substantial experience, they’ve put together a network of people able to provide services to make any size business thrive in these times, all without having to onboard office staff. This means considerable savings and a notable variety of services.


Angela runs the Denver office. She has her MSW from University of Michigan and is a licensed social worker with a focus on policies, procedures and mediation in the business field, and has several years of experience handling administrative services for the judicial system as well as serving on the board for several related groups.


Misty runs the Detroit office and handles all things creative and marketing. She has worked with well known domestic and international companies and is on the board for the Social Media Association of Michigan. She has worked with many startup companies to find and establish their voice and presence and worked on helping establish the University of Michigan on the health system’s presence for the division of Training & Education.