We run your office so you can run your business.

We run your office so you can run your business.

Office Management

There are many reasons to need office management assistance. Perhaps you are just starting your business, or maybe you have been in business for a while and can’t keep up with the daily office work as well as being in the field, or maybe you are a small contractor who had to let his office staff go in order to pay higher wages through the pandemic. Whatever the reason, we are here to fill that void!

If you require assistance not listed here, please contact us because we probably do it!


Standard Call Answering & Messaging Service
Customers like to hear an actual voice when they call instead of getting voicemail. If you’re working in the field, we can take those calls for you!

Scheduling Services*
We can use the app of your choice (we like Jobber!) to schedule your clients. We can also find the most efficient route for the day and organize the appointments that way.

Appointment Confirmations*
We can call your upcoming appointments to remind them of their visit and other information such as any COVID masking requirements or no-show fees. They can be notified via phone call, text message or email.

Customer Service*
Rather than leaving a message, we can handle most customer issues without having to escalate them to you! You’ll never be surprised when you answer the phone to an angry customer again!

Collection Calls*
We can contact anyone on your AR report to remind them of an outstanding invoice and take payment over the phone. Let us help you collect on the money you are owed, by phone call, email or text message.

*These services are an add-on to the Standard Call Answering & Messaging Service and are not available ala carte.


Customer Relationship Management
Whether it is pure customer service, data entry and reporting, or auditing communication channels, we can ensure you rank high in customer satisfaction and use it to drive growth!

Supply Ordering
Tell us what you need and we can source materials for jobs or even order new business cards!

Posting Jobs
We can help with your staffing needs. Just tell us your needs and we can take away the hassle of posting your job openings.

Phone Screening Applicants
Hiring staff and finding time to sift through applicants can be exhausting, so why not have us pre-screen your applicants for you? We can even set up interviews if you choose our calendar scheduling services!

Setting Up Follow-Up Appointments
Whether it’s for hiring or for customer satisfaction reviews, just tell us your availability and we can tackle scheduling your follow-up appointments in person, on the phone, or virtually!

Community Management
Wherever your audience lives digitally, we can cover it. From Discord to Reddit to Facebook and everything in between, we’ll manage your audience interactions.


Calendar Management
Have you always wanted to set up a color-coding system in your calendar? Do you have hard copy pages of notes you need added into your calendar? Whatever the task is, we can get your electronic calendar all sorted out and notify you of any overlaps or other conflicts.

Email Management
Ever load up your email and feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things? We can help you sort your emails, unsubscribe from things you no longer want but haven’t had time to deal with, even set up filters and folders.

Communication Services
Do you have a memo for staff you need drafted? A press release? Someone to line up interviews with the media? We can do this and more!

Travel Planning
Whether you travel frequently or have an event that requires travel for many of your staff or colleagues, we are experienced in travel arrangements. Hosting a conference that needs hotel discount codes or arranging a private shuttle or car service for attendees? We can handle that too!

Event Planning
From a small team meeting to a multi-day conference, we can plan your events down to the last detail, including arranging travel for participants and providing on-site assistance.

Presentation Services
Are you speaking at an event and need a deck that will wow the audience? We can create the presentation deck and also any correlating hard copy takeaways you would like to provide. We can even source royalty-free music and write your introduction!

Going to a trade show? We can make sure you have all the supplies you need and can even design your promotional materials!

Stress Management Therapy
Since 2020, business has not been the same. The pandemic, the Great Resignation, laws and guidelines… it’s been hard and we know it. We have a licensed social worker available that specializes in employment issues and can provide stress management sessions for any business owner that has been feeling overwhelmed, and at a great rate. How can you benefit from a therapist that knows your pain points and how the changes in industries and employee options are stressing you out?


Payment Processing
When you’re in the field and can’t take a call, you don’t want to miss a chance for a client to pay you for your services! We can take that call for you!

Permit Pulling
If you are in a business that requires permits, we can take the hassle out of getting them. (Only where service is available.)

License Renewal
We can take the headache out of renewing a license for you! Need to schedule a test? Need to find educational courses or materials? Whatever it is, we’ve done it for most contracting and hospitality fields.


Get paid in a timely manner without having to wait to invoice clients! When a job is done, we can immediately invoice them and even take a payment for you.

Keeping your books up-to-date is vital to the success of growing or maintaining your business. We can help you keep track of your financial health by keeping your books in line.

You did the service and now you’re waiting for an overdue payment. We’ve all been there. But now you don’t have to worry about contacting them! We can do it for you.

 (*Cost for services does not include costs incurred to provide the service, such as subscription fees, filing fees, etc.)